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October 4, 2010
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OC x Canon Stamp by Konata101 OC x Canon Stamp by Konata101
Just for your understanding, I AM NOT ANTI-OCxCANON CHARACTER!

But if you want to write/draw about your original character falling in love with a canon character, then that OC should be a good and well-developed character on their own.
(As in, not a flat mary-sue twu luv for your favorite bishie.)

Seriously. We don't need another 'My Inner Life'-esque fic, amrite?

Feel free to voice your opinions on OCxCanon Character fanfics/fanart in the comments.


Stamp (c) Konata101
Stamp Base - [link]
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MintySwirls Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
You guys need to shut up. Let people make what they want to make and leave them be! Some people like it others don't! That will always be the case, I hate this stamp, and I repeat please shut up
axalona Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cry more.
angel-sopova Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have done this and I am ashamed of it. :(
xKittenMittensx Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
Yeah, I agree mostly. Those characters that have no purpose other than to fall in love with a canon character are literally a waste of time to read a fanfiction about, and disappointing. But there will always be those kinds of characters, and people will ship whoever they want to.
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LittleCharmers Featured By Owner Edited Jul 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Look, your efforts are cute and all, but if we're talking about Hetalia, all you really need to do is find some silly stereotypes of a country (the best traits preferably) and run with that. History is barely important, just some key events to add some zany spin to it. If your Hetalia OC is nothing but a history textbook of the country, it is still a terrible OC.

The flaws you listed aren't flaws. They're annoying traits that can be seen as endearing to most, and extremely overdone.

A Mary Sue is simply a character that destroys conflict. Not all Mary Sues are bad, and not all bad characters are Mary Sues. But I can't really critique a character based on a short paragraph, so maybe your OCs aren't bad. But, if they're for Hetalia and all they are is a giant history lesson, then yes, it's bad.
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syiiadex Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
it not always a good idea for oc x canon character but sometimes it is if the fanfiction makes sense including the plot etc; 
if you respect mine i will respect yours ^.^ yes it is possible to do it right but mostly wrong
syiiadex Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
is this a fact or opinion
allanahsunflower Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Student Artist
I'm not anti-ocxcanon too, I just can't stand mary sue who falls in love easily with a canon character
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