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Fill 'er Up by GilbertBraginskiIIIFill 'er Up by GilbertBraginskiIII
Awesome art done by awesome people.
'Nuff said.
If you wanna get featured...
you gotta get with my friends comment below *AND* make a Feature Journal yourself,
*AND* put me as the first feature, with five of your favorite (or random) works from my gallery.
(I'll check before featuring youuu... B3)

1. :iconakarimarco: I started following them recently, and their art is wonderful!! ;o; The way they draw faces is really easy on the eyes. <33 Plus I'm a sucker for any quality Free! fanart, heh.

Kinda realistic style: Haruka Nanase by AkariMarco Merry early Levimas by AkariMarco Armin Faiiiilllll by AkariMarco Kiriban 260,000 No.1 by AkariMarco Kouhai - Senpai by AkariMarco bonus: Tachibanana by AkariMarco

2. :iconcrazy4luv: We've been watching each other for almost 3 years now. <33 She has a really adorable style. c:
Arnold The Nerd by CRAZY4LUV If joker was a girl.. by CRAZY4LUV Harley egg by CRAZY4LUV Practice time. by CRAZY4LUV Ivan's end by CRAZY4LUV

3. :iconnedercan: ...they got me into Ned/Can. Like, really into it. Their color palette is soft and sweet, just like the subjects they draw. :33 Can't wait to see future pics by them. 
And I heard your heart beating by nedercan Halottak Napja by nedercan Momotori (Screencap Redraw) by nedercan At The Sea by nedercan Color Palette: Sasha by nedercan

4. :iconelviratepes: If you like mpreg, and you like mpreg stories, then her gallery's chock full of it. <33 I picked out the stories that really grabbed my interest. c: I'll probably binge read all of 'em later~
Carrying The Heir 00
I sat at my desk and grabbed a brand new leather journal. I had to write my story. I have to let everyone know what happens to me before I forget it all. I don’t want to forget this but I have no choice. My name is Kat Zaire Oliver. I am 18 years old and a student of West Craven High School. I live in a town called Glen Echo. It’s in Maryland. I live at 214 Fair Knoll Avenue with my Dad. My mom Died when I was 7 years old. She was trying to give birth to my baby sister. Sadly she and my sister died that day.
My father is Maxwell James Oliver. He owns a restaurant named The Witches Brew. He works from 5 AM to 8 PM every day. I go help after school every day. HE even pays me for helping so it works out pretty well.
I own a cat. He’s a male calico named Kessa. He’s a brat but I love him to death. Every night I fall asleep to him snuggling me. I wake to him biting my toes wanting his breakfast. But anyway, I have a story to tell. Can’t forget about that. Want
  Twas The Night Before ChristmasI sighed as I walked into my house. My 9-month pregnant belly led the way. In my hands are bags of presents that I have to wrap and put under my Christmas tree for family who are coming over in the morning.
My name is Benson Tyler. I am 23 years old and a single mom. Never met a guy I wanna settle down with you know? Now you are probably wondering how I got pregnant if I never had a guy I wanna settle with right? Well the answer is simple. I was artificially inseminated.
As I walked into the house my cat Mavis ran to me and licked my face a million times giving me kisses. I pet him and smiled. “Hi Mavis. I got you something awesome.” I said as I set the bags on the counter. “Sweet boy what are you doing?” I asked as he started to sniff the bags.
Trying to figure out what you got for me. He said in my head. Did I tell you I can speak to cats? It’s really awesome; makes caring for Mavis so easy.
I giggled and tapped his nose. “That is cheating M
  Scare Me Baby One More TimeMy name is Jimmy Sullivan. I am 18 years old and I have a story to tell. It’s not normal story either. Most stories are about love and loss and all that. Mine is about Halloween and the horrors I suffered. Horrors they were and I can say I am glad things turned out all right.
It was October 31, 2011. I am 9 months pregnant and Matt decides we are going to a haunted castle. Is sighed trying to back outta it. “Matt. I am due to deliver any day and you want to take me to a haunted castle? Are you trying to scare the baby outta me or make it wanna stay in longer?”
Matt frowned. “Please baby? We never do this kinda stuff due to some excuse you make the minute before we have to go.” He frowned and pouted. “Please Jim-Jam? Pretty, pretty please? Don’t make me beg... You know I will.” He got down on his knees and gave me puppy dog eyes. “Please?”
I sighed. “Matt! I am pregnant! I am due to go into labor any day! Do you really
  Scratching Posts, Litter, And KittensI sighed, as I got dressed. I was finally going home. I looked over at Devina who sat in her little clear bassinette. After I dressed, I’d have to dress her. I smiled as she moved a little bit. She was still asleep, my little princess. I’ve been in this hospital for a week now to be monitored by Aunt Chrisii. She’s taken great care of us. Finally, we get to go home where we belong. I buttoned my jeans and smiled. Real clothes again. I walked over to Devina and picked her up gently. She snuggled to my chest as I carried her to the bed.
I laid her down gently and kissed her little head as I unwrapped her baby blanket from her body. I smiled looking at her tiny toes and little hands. She is so adorable. I smiled putting her in a cute pink onesie that says Mommy’s Angel. I then put her in a pair of pants that had bears on them with mickey mouse socks. I looked at her and took a picture. Dad got me a new phone since Jaxon obliterated my last one. This time I have a S
  Life: Repeated 01
Chapter 1:
I sighed walking into the school. It’s junior year now for me and my siblings. I looked at my sister and smiled. She had waist length hair that today is in a long braid down her back. It’s at the moment dyed pink with purple streaks. She has pale skin like my mom.  Her eyes are a deep blue. My brother Leo has naturally black hair with Crimson red layers in it. His skin is a creamy peach. His eyes a fierce green. Now me… I have platinum blond hair with various blue colored bangs. My skin is paper white and drowning in freckles. My eyes are a fierce crap brown.
I found my locker then looked over my schedule for the year. First period is music class with Mr. Sullivan, he’s new this year. Then I have Chemistry with Mr. Helm, United History with Mr. Coyle, Chorus with Mr. Sullivan again,  Lunch, French 3 with Madame Boese, English 11 with Mr. Dickenson, Gym, and Study Hall in the library.
I headed for the music room and walked in. I looked aroun



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United States
Kona | 18 | 5'5" | ♌ | digital artist | fanfic author

:iconkissingplz:APH- America Alfred stamp by Tokis

Hey there! I'm konata101, but just call me Kona. I'm a lazy bum, and I'm constantly hungry or tired usually both, but other than that I think I'm kinda cool. I live in my parents' basement and I spend my life drawing pretty anime boys.


:icongurohetalia: Gurochan meets Hetalia.
:iconhetalia-mpreg: Your one-stop fun-shop for Hetalia mpreg.



.: hetalia :.

APH: I love Alfred Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH: I love Yao Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH: I love Im Yong Soo Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH: I love Denmark Stamp by Chibikaede
RussiaxAmerica stamp by AxiasAlexaRussia x America Stamp by EspoirelleAPH: Ivan x Alfred Stamp by ChibikaedeTo all you fatphobic fucks in the APH fandom.... by Pixelated--Coffee
FrUK stamp by DaughterOfMagnumFrUK stamp by AlassaUS x UK Stamp by SitarPlayerIXStamp UsXUk by hinashippu
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.: pokemon :.

Stamp: Eeveelutions by Angel-EspyEspeon Stamp by ice-fireEspeon Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsEevee's Stamp by Szkot-aye
Gastly, Haunter and Gengar by Miss-DicessLanturnStamp8D. by GraceTheHedgehogStamp: Stop it Mom by FlantsyFlanPokeshipping Stamp by Niza-Azoru
MISSINGNO. by DametoraCinnabar Island Stamp by In-The-ZoneSTAMP: I support Missingno. by UltraTheHedgetoasterMissingno by Marlenesstamps
Ho-oh Stamp by OreobytesMew Stamp by OreobytesDeoxys by Cathines-StampsEntei stamp by salanchu

.: anime :.

sailor moon stamp by cottonballSailor Moon animated stamp 004 by hanaktSailor Jupiter transformation by Strange-little-catSailor Jupiter Stamp 1 by aoi-ryu
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Meduka Meguca Episode 1 Stamp by KanraTCKyoSaya Stamp by KarikuniKyuubey Stamp by KannacchiPuella Magi Madoka Magica Stamp 2 by MiloticStarShiny
Haruhi Love by RazTwilightYuki Stamp by erjanksItsukixKyon Stamp by AnDarkPrincessSOS Brigade Stamp by daisykart
Konata stamp by Tesoro25Lucky Star Stamp by RaeDesignDAAzumanga Daioh by popstckTomo Takino Animated Stamp by xnekomatax
Pokeshipping Stamp by Niza-Azorulol kuroshitsuji stamp by Neji-x-Hyuugastamp . Kuroshitsuji 9 by TsukiKoibitoKuro: Mey Rin by Kaze-yo
Stamp Shingeki no Kyojin by AtsuKiroEren stamp by SuperpluplushNagisa Hazuki ~ stamp by OtomeNishikiRei Ryugazaki ~ stamp by OtomeNishiki
dangan ronpa - minimal stamp by DemireKyouko stamp by patchoulimadChihiro Fujisaki by asta-rothMonokuma stamp by KathyKid

.: awesome things :.

America Stamp by l8Flag: Florida by TheStampKingDenmark Stamp by l8Ireland Stamp by l8
Stamp- Rush by jozie-mGuns N' Roses Stamp by bluesoruStamp: Led Zeppelin 02 by no-more-refillsThe Who by chrisbouchard
ACDC by WearwolfaaThe Sisters Of Mercy Stamp by L0NE-W0lfMeat Loaf - Stamp by DefonthanaThe Queen by mex23
MPREG FTW by DoctorMLoliOMG MPREG IS IMPOSSIBLE11 by XiikMen with Accents Stamp by Lady-TrevelyanFortune Cookie stamp by Rairox64
biology stamp by GinhebiPeriodic Table Stamp by SailorSolarChristian stamp by foxtribePansexual Stamp by sunbirds
I love Stingrays by WishmasterAlchemistSave the Sharks by CynpaiIts hammer time by Animal-StampI love Seahorses by WishmasterAlchemist
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Kona's DeviantArt Family

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