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.: a guide to my gallery folders!! :.

fanart + fandom oc's: fanart of my favorite series, and also my fan characters for those series.

original characters: my characters who are not related to any particular series. so they're pretty much "true" original characters.

fetish stuff: looking for my mpreg/wg/futa/etc. art? it's in there.

commissions + art trades: art i've created for awesome people.

fanfics + original fiction: what it says on the can. if it's a written work of mine, it should be in here.

going elemental: my oc's based off the periodic table of elements. i haven't drawn them in a while, sorry!

elemental 7 minutes: old, old, old old old 7 minutes in heaven text "dating sim" involving the ◎ going elemental characters.

international mpreg: a hetalia webcomic that was going to involve mpreg, obviously. it's in the process of being rewritten.

inu-kun vs. neko-kun: oc's for an mpreg story i was working on. haven't drawn them in a while, either.

konata's stuff: contains stamps, art of kona the espeon (that's me) and i dunno, i just threw some random stuff in there.

fun with memes: with memes.

old stuff: dONT GO IN THERE...........


Awesome art done by awesome people.
'Nuff said.



it's not you deviantart, its me. and tumblr. and FA. and pixiv. and a lot of other websites who are just sort of... well... more interesting. sorry. (well actually tumblr is p boring sometimes and i actually never rly go on FA so uh yeah)

i would like to try and be more active on here but i dunno! u_u of course i hate logging in and seeing 20+ submissions to hetalia-mpreg and half of them expired because i'm a dumb lazy ass

so with that being said i'm gonna tidy up a bit and fix up my groups and hopefully be more of a productive citizen. or something along those lines!!
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  • Eating: i wanna eat pizza rolls hhh
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
(my profile pic is so ew bluhhhh im gonna create a new one someday)

kona | 17 | 5'5" | ♀ | ♌ | pan | digital artist | fanfic author

:iconkissingplz:APH- America Alfred stamp by Tokis

hi! i'm konata101, kona for short. i'm a lazy bum, and i'm constantly hungry or tired or both, but i think i've got a good heart. i'm still waiting to become a mahou shoujo.


:icongurohetalia: Like intestines pasta? Then join~ Kolkolkol...
:iconhetalia-mpreg: Because male pregnancy is sexy. And adorable.



.: hetalia :.

APH: I love Alfred Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH: I love Yao Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH: I love Im Yong Soo Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH: I love Denmark Stamp by Chibikaede
RussiaxAmerica stamp by AxiasAlexaRussia x America Stamp by EspoirelleAPH: Ivan x Alfred Stamp by ChibikaedeTo all you fatphobic fucks in the APH fandom.... by Pixelated--Coffee
FrUK stamp by DaughterOfMagnumFrUK stamp by AlassaUS x UK Stamp by SitarPlayerIXStamp UsXUk by hinashippu
:thumb128173533:Russia's Nose by FrankenPupAmericas icecream stamp by Julesie:thumb195633928:
SEXY LUDWIG by chienoirAPH: Allies Stamp by ChibikaedeMade in U.S.A {Hetalia Stamp} by SilkyBunny
Hetalia Stamp...? by DaDoofusSorry, Hetalitards by vaudeville-grifterNo one likes shitty OCs by AwesomeLurkerEngland is seme KTHX by Akanes-Stamps

.: pokemon :.

Stamp: Eeveelutions by Angel-EspyEspeon Stamp by ice-fireEspeon Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsEevee's Stamp by Szkot-aye
:thumb173268591:Gastly, Haunter and Gengar by Miss-DicessLanturnStamp8D. by GraceTheHedgehog:thumb199140384:
MISSINGNO. by DametoraCinnabar Island Stamp by In-The-ZoneSTAMP: I support Missingno. by UltraTheHedgetoasterMissingno by Marlenesstamps
Ho-oh Stamp by OreobytesMew Stamp by OreobytesDeoxys by Cathines-StampsEntei stamp by salanchu
Stamp: Stop it Mom by FlantsyFlanLegendary Parade Stamp by The-Emerald-OtterBest Pokemon stamp EVER by hyperlinkPokeshipping Stamp by Niza-Azoru

.: anime :.

sailor moon stamp by cottonballSailor Moon animated stamp 004 by hanaktSailor Jupiter transformation by Strange-little-catSailor Jupiter Stamp 1 by aoi-ryu
Tokyo Mew Mew Power Stamp by LoffygluMew Pudding Stamp by lovenotwarcraftFujisaki Nadeshiko Stamp by CarolynL375Shugo Chara Stamp by NekoNami
Meduka Meguca Episode 1 Stamp by KanraTCKyoSaya Stamp by RinkariKyuubey Stamp by KannacchiPuella Magi Madoka Magica Stamp 2 by MiloticStarShiny
Haruhi Love by RazTwilightYuki Stamp by erjanksItsukixKyon Stamp by AnDarkPrincessSOS Brigade Stamp by daisykart
Konata stamp by Tesoro25Lucky Star Stamp by RaeDesignDAAzumanga Daioh by tk-for-shortTomo Takino Animated Stamp by xnekomatax
Stamp: Pluto by zoro4me3lol kuroshitsuji stamp by Neji-x-Hyuugastamp . Kuroshitsuji 9 by TsukiKoibitoKuro: Mey Rin by Kaze-yo
Stamp Shingeki no Kyojin by AtsuKiroEren stamp by SuperpluplushNagisa Hazuki ~ stamp by OtomeNishikiRei Ryugazaki ~ stamp by OtomeNishiki
dangan ronpa - minimal stamp by DemireKyouko stamp by patchoulimadChihiro Fujisaki by Annie-LeonhartMonokuma stamp by KathyKid

.: awesome things :.

America Stamp by l8Flag: Florida by TheStampKingDenmark Stamp by l8Ireland Stamp by l8
Stamp- Rush by jozie-mGuns N' Roses Stamp by bluesoruStamp: Led Zeppelin 02 by no-more-refillsThe Who by chrisbouchard
ACDC by WearwolfaaThe Sisters Of Mercy Stamp by L0NE-W0lfMeat Loaf - Stamp by DefonthanaThe Queen by mex23
MPREG FTW by DoctorMLoliOMG MPREG IS IMPOSSIBLE11 by XiikMen with Accents Stamp by bmjewellFortune Cookie stamp by Rairox64
biology stamp by GinhebiPeriodic Table Stamp by SailorSolarChristian stamp by foxtribePansexual Stamp by sunbirds
I love Stingrays by WishmasterAlchemistSave the Sharks by CynpaiIts hammer time by Animal-StampI love Seahorses by WishmasterAlchemist
I Love Chocolate by SophibelleMountain Dew Stamp by pillze69Fighting Stamp by coolcat654New messages by Dreki-K

.: opinions and stuff :.

Easily Offended by Thrash-WaltzStamp: Anti anti-orientation by JammerleeFreedom of Expression Stamp by Koko-Katthis is not a funny title by Dametora
therefore I love it more by FireAmyBAWW THEY R KISSING HOW GROSS by XiikCritique Me Stamp by curious-noxYour Period is not an Excuse by daigonite



Grandpa: Gravidtron

Mom: derpyeponine

Dad: usagilover1

Stepdad: karatelincoln

Twin: CheezySoup

Auntie: purplehaze000000

Creepy Uncle: KotovDisease

Kawaii Crossdressing Lesbian Girlfriend Who Runs a Torture Dungeon: WitchBeatrice

Sweet Cousin Who Is Plotting My Demise: Mad-Plot-Bunny

The Fabulous Mr. Feather: Kodelaine

Older Sisters: The-Angelic-one, Neonmoon133, and dogo987

Older Brothers: earthman3 and MrsTrickster

Younger Sisters: Yumi-x-cookies, Carolyn7727, Kei-pure and Yamisamurai24

Younger Brothers: XxshinedownxX

Fangirl Stalker: izzybun

Basement Creatures: nurmuzdalifah

Pets: purpleEar

wanna join the family? let me know!!


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Konata101 has started a donation pool!
532 / 9,001
[Point Commissions: Closed.] [Art Trades: Closed.]
[Cash Commissions: Closed.] [Requests: Closed.]

I'm busy with school, so all commissions/requests (except the ones I'm still working on) are closed.

Sketch: 40 :points: (about $0.50)
Character can be chibi, bustshot/headshot, or full-body.
No color. Sketchy (but not messy) lineart.

Chibi or Bust Character, Lineart: 80 :points: (about $1.00)
Character can be chibi or bustshot/headshot.
No color. Clean lineart.

Chibi or Bust Character, Color: 120 :points: (about $1.50)
Character can be chibi or bustshot/headshot. Full color.

Full-Body Character, Lineart: 160 :points: (about $2.00)
Character is full-body. No color. Clean lineart.

Full-Body Character, Color: 200 :points: (about $2.50)
Character is full-body. Full color.

All listed prices are for single characters! For example, if you want to commission a full-color picture of two chibi characters interacting with each other, the price would be 120 + 120 = 240 :points:

You must be logged in to donate.
  • :iconwyvern64:
    Donated Aug 5, 2013, 2:40:15 PM
  • :iconwyvern64:
    Donated Jun 1, 2013, 6:14:09 PM
  • :iconfynniona:
    Donated Feb 2, 2013, 1:27:06 PM
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    Donated Jun 10, 2012, 7:47:51 PM


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